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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Falcon Fundraising

We're located in East Lansing, Michigan. Contact us. We'd love to speak with you.

We work with non-profit organizations accross the United States and Canada, including public television and radio stations, art museums, humane societies, performing arts centers, symphony orchestras, botanical gardens, and foundations. 

We conduct many different campaigns, including renewals, lapsed donors, additonal gifts, sustainers, and more. To view a  list of popular campaigns, click here.

No. We never outsource. All calls are made by paid employees of Falcon Fundraising, Inc.

Yes. Falcon Fundraising, Inc. is both bonded and registered in all required jurisdictions. We take comliance seriously to ensure the work we do for you always conforms to all state and federal laws.

Yes. The safety and security of cardholder data is of paramount importance to Falcon Fundraising, Inc. We are designated compliant with PCI DSS SAQ D v 3.1, as a Level 2 Service Provider. For more information on our PCI Compliance, click here.

Fundraising Campaigns

No. We are not a list broker. All viable calling files must be provided by you.

Falcon Fundraising, Inc. never has any control or custody of donor funds. All credit card and EFT transactions are entered into your payment processor via a secure web page that you will provide. Donors who wish to pay by check will be mailed a pledge reminder with a return envelope to return payment directly to your organization. Falcon Fundraising, Inc. never records or stores donor payment information. 

We take care of scripting using your organization's messaging and pitch points. All scripts are subject to your approval.

You will receive a daily statistics report with both individual shift and cumulative results. Your Dedicated Account Manager will also be there every step of the way- keeping you informed throughout each campaign.

Absolutely. Your Dedicated Account Manager can arrange to send you calls so you can hear how our Agents represent your organization and how your donors respond.

Costs and Terms

No. We do not work on commission.

We charge per decision. A decision is defined as anyone who says "Yes" or "No" during a phone call we make on your behalf. Please contact us for a quote.

Our simple, all-incluse rate includes:


•  Dedicated Account Manager & Ongoing Campaign Consultation Services
•  Matching against any required Do Not Call lists
•  Developing telephone scripts in close consultation and with client approval
•  Hiring, training, and supervising all agents
•  Placing all calls from our offices in East Lansing, Michigan
•  Tracking campaign progress and daily reporting
•  Full pledge entry into your PCI-compliant online payment processor
•  Full Pledge Fulfillment Services (Including all first-class postage)
• Initial Pledge Reminder (mail)
• 1st Pledge Reminder (mail)
• 2nd Pledge Reminder (mail)
• SMS (Text) Pledge Reminders
• Email Pledge Reminders

Yes. There is a one-time setup fee to onboard your account. Please contact us for a quote.

We will invoice you for work performed every two weeks. Terms are Net:30.

Yes. Most jurisdictions that require registration also require a valid contract. Contracts are normally for a term of 1-3 years.