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Getting Started

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Step #1

Contract & Registration

Step #2

Campaign Kick-Off Call

Step #3

Script & Campaign Prep


Campaign Begins


Contract & Registration

Falcon Fundraising will prepare a simple, non-binding contract. Once signed by both parties, Falcon Fundraising will submit all necessary documentation and pay any fees to to ensure compliance with all state and federal fundraising laws.

Campaign Kick-Off Call

During this call, we will discuss the campaign goals and schedule, fulfillment responsibilities, the structure of the calling file, information to be used for script creation, and the pledge entry page Falcon Fundraising agents will use.

Script & Campaign Prep

Falcon Fundraising will create a calling script (sent to you for approval) using the information gathered during the Campaign Kick-Off Call and any other materials you provide. At this time, please send the calling file to Falcon Fundraising to process.

Campaign Begins!

We'll take it from there.

Falcon Fundraising will begin calling. You will receive daily statistics reports and any donor concerns that require follow-up. Your dedicated Account Manager will carefully monitor your campaign and keep you informed every step of the way.