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Telephone Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations

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Who We Are

We are Falcon Fundraising, Inc. We raise money over the phone for non-profit organizations.

Company Overview

Falcon Fundraising, Inc. is a full-service fundraising firm specializing in outbound telemarketing for non-profit organizations across the United States and Canada. We offer 100% US-based telemarketing services. Our corporate offices are located in East Lansing, Michigan.

Our Vision

Our vision at Falcon Fundraising, Inc. is to ensure our clients exceed their goals by providing the best fundraising services available. We accomplish this by applying our core values of honesty, integrity, and professionalism in everything we do.

Our Values

We adhere to a strict set of moral and ethical principles that we believe are the foundation of any good business- honesty, integrity, and professionalism, and we live by these values every day. You can always count on us to do the right thing.

Your donors are in great hands.

We are fundraising professionals who love what we do. Our Executive Team offers decades of combined experience in developing proven strategies to hep your organization achieve its financial objectives. We'll work closely with you to determine your needs, listen to your goals, and craft a plan to maximize your return. From every phone call we make to every report we send, our passion for excellence means you'll receive:

  • 100% US Based Call Center Services
  • Higher Donor Retention Rates
  • Increased ROI
  • Increased Donor Lifetime Value
  • Honest, Safe, and Secure Fundraising
  • Exceptional Customer Service


Industries We Serve

We represent some of the best non-profit organizations in the world across a wide spectrum of industries.

Public Media

Public Television and NPR Stations

Higher Education

Alumni and Capital Campaigns

Performing Arts

Advancing Culture in Communities

Social Advocacy

Social Advocacy and Conservation


Bringing Art to the World

Health & Human Services

Hospitals and Foundations


Leagues, Associations, and Chambers

Nature's Wonders

Gardens, Zoos & Aquariums


Spiritual Organizations

Animal Welfare

Caring for the World's Animals


Campaigns & PACs


Taking Care of Our Heroes

What We Do

We offer a wealth of experience in the following campaigns. Click below for more detail.

Falcon Fundraising, Inc. focuses on providing exceptional results, outstanding public relations and personalized service. Whether you have 100,000 lapsed members to call for your fiscal year-end campaign, 1,000 members to contact for additional gifts, or 50 member renewals to contact each month, Falcon Fundraising, Inc. will provide you and your organization with the service you deserve.

Monthly Revenue. Highest Response Rates. Regular Member Contact.

Annual Renewals
The cornerstone of any non-profit telemarketing strategy, annual renewals provide a steady revenue stream while allowing you to keep in regular contact with your donors. Calling donors near the expiration of their membership or a year after their last gift is a natural time to reach out if they have not renewed. The more time that passes, the less likely the donor will give again. Therefore, telemarketing should be integrated into your regular mail cycle to maximize effectiveness, typically as the third or fourth effort. 

Similar to monthly renewals, pre-cancels are calls made as the first effort to first-year donors, prior to expiration. First year donors typically renew at a lower rate and require more personalized communication. Reaching out to them prior to expiration of their membership or annual gift allows us to answer questions and uncover any concerns. Utilizing this personalized approach increases retention rates of first year donors.

Convert current donors to monthly givers. Re-activate past donors. Excellent ROI.

Lapsed Donors
Statistically, a donor who has given in the past is always a stronger lead than someone who has never supported. Reaching back three to five years or more is a cost-effective way to add donors. Segmenting by year and gift amount also helps to maximize ROI by calling only the most effective segments of the list. Re-activating past donors not only increases your donor base, it also establishes a good position for future revenue opportunities. Active members give additional gifts, convert to sustainers, donate to capital campaigns, and renew in future years.

Sustainers: Conversions, Upgrades & Re-Captures
Sustainers are donors who make on-going monthly gifts for an indefinite period of time. Converting current donors to sustainers creates a steady revenue stream, increases member retention, and lowers renewal costs in future years. For conversions, donors respond best to conversion requests within the first four months of their renewal date, or within the last three months prior to expiration. A Sustainer Upgrade campaign involves calling current Sustaining Members and asking them to increase their monthly gift. Much like an Additional Gift campaign, the need should be urgent and relevant to the philanthropic motivations of the donors. When a Sustaining Member lapses due to a declined credit card transaction, they should be called as part of a Re-Capture campaign. Often, their credit card simply needs to be updated because it has expired, or replaced with a different credit card.

Unfulfilled pledges from various channels (on-air pledge drives, events, ticket sales) provide a tremendous opportunity to reach out, personally thank donors, and retrieve their payment. The combination of a gentle reminder call and the convenience of credit card use can dramatically increase any campaign’s fulfillment. Unfulfilled campaigns are effective both on a regular basis and for special campaigns or events.

Campaigns requiring a special approach. Increase annual contributions. Communicate unique needs with donors.

New donor acquisition campaigns are typically conducted with the goal of increasing an organization’s donor base with short-term results usually near break-even, at best. The most successful acquisition lists contain people who have some known interest in or affiliation with the organization.

Additional Gifts
Additional gifts provide a great way to bring in needed revenue during the fiscal year. An additional gift campaign involves calling current donors and asking for additional support for a specific need. The need should be urgent and relevant to the philanthropic motivations of the donors. Additional gift campaigns perform best when calling donors between the third and ninth month of their membership cycle.

Capital Campaigns
A capital campaign is fundraising activity focused on raising money for a specific, defined need- typically a large purchase such as a building. Both current and lapsed donors make great prospects for a capital campaign, where asks are typically larger and gifts are often spread out over time.

Major Gifts and Planned Giving
Most non-profit organizations follow the 80-20 split. Sometimes referred to as the 90-20 split, the popular statistics state that 80% of an organization’s funds come from 20% of their donors (or 90-10). While major and planned giving donors are cultivated over a period of time, prospect solicitation is the first step in the process. Telemarketing can be an extremely cost-effective method of identifying prospects.

Stewardship (Donor Thank You Calls)
Showing genuine and timely appreciation for donor gifts is one of the simplest and most effective methods to both strengthen donor stewardship and improve donor retention. Studies show that thank you calls to donors can increase giving by up to 40%.

Ticket Sales
Ticket sales for major events, season passes, and other activities are other ways to generate revenue through telemarketing efforts. Ticket sales over the phone is a highly transactional engagement and typically leads to greater credit card usage, thus increasing fulfillment while lowering costs.

How We Bill

You are billed for every hour that a dedicated call center agent is assigned to your campaign.  

Fundraising Rates:

  • Registration, Security, and Compliance*

    Annual Fee
    Mandatory state registration and reporting, PCI compliance, and Do Not Call requirements
  • Dedicated Account Manager

    No Charge
    A single point of contact to coordinate every aspect of your campaign
  • Scripting & Creative

    No Charge
    Developing telephone scripts in close consultation and with client approval
  • Agent Training

    No Charge
    Hiring, training, and supervising all agents
  • Phone Calls

    No Charge
    Placing all calls from a dedicated phone number with after-hours voicemail
  • Online Pledge Entry

    No Charge
    Pledge entry into your secure online pledge page
  • Campaign Reporting & Analysis

    No Charge
    Daily and end-of-campaign statistical analysis
  • USPS Mail Pledge Reminders

    No Charge
    Three USPS mail pledge reminders mailed 3-4 weeks apart using your letterhead and envelopes
  • First Class Postage

    No Charge
    Mailing of USPS pledge reminders to maximize fulfillment
  • Email Reminders

    No Charge
    Three reminder emails sent 3-4 weeks apart
  • SMS (Text) Message Reminders

    No Charge
    Three reminder text messages sent 3-4 weeks apart


*Registration includes calling into states in which your organization has a physical presence (up to two states). There is an annual fee for each additional state into which calls are made on your behalf.

What You'll Need

You'll need just a few things to get started.

What You'll Need:

1. Valid non-profit registration in all states into which we will be calling.
2. Calling file (donor records to be called), including name, address, and phone number.
3. Secure online page into which donations will be entered.
4. Mailing supplies for pledge reminders.

Ready to get started?

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy. Contact us today to get your campaign up and running.

Getting StartedEasy as 1-2-3

From registration to the very last phone call, we're there every step of the way.

Step #1

Contract & Registration

Falcon Fundraising will prepare a simple, non-binding contract. Once signed by both parties, Falcon Fundraising will submit all necessary documentation and pay any fees to ensure compliance with all state and federal fundraising laws.

Step #2

Campaign Kick-Off Call

During this call, we will discuss the campaign goals and schedule, fulfillment responsibilities, the structure of the calling file, information to be used for script creation, and the pledge entry page Falcon Fundraising agents will use.

Step #3

Campaign Prep

Falcon Fundraising will create a calling script (with your approval) using the information gathered during the Campaign Kick-Off Call and any other materials you provide. At this time, please send the calling file to Falcon Fundraising to process.


Campaign Begins

Falcon Fundraising will begin calling. You will receive daily statistics reports and any donor concerns that require follow-up. Your dedicated Account Manager will carefully monitor your campaign and keep you informed every step of the way.

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